Undiscovered Makassar Sightseeing

Makassar, also called as Ujung Pandang, is a provincial capital in South Sulawesi. This is a metropolitan city with a lot of great destination place for vacation. You can find colonial buildings, historical sites, delectable seafood, and accessible beaches. This city is very iconic for its attractions and sightseeing. You can realize that Makassar has all of people want in their life, such as friendly local people, modern city lifestyle, historical properties, and a lot of special foods from Makassar. However, what the most iconic of this city is its sightseeing and great vista. Makassar sightseeing is one of the most searched by the visitors in every year. You will find that this city has a lot of amazing places you can visit; and some of them are still unexplored. If you have a plan to visit this city, make sure that you come to these wonderful places which are still undiscovered and you have never knew it was existed.

  • Spermonde Archipelago

Come across South area facing Makassar, there is Spermonde Archipelago that has more than a hundred tropical islands. Some of them are very popular among tourists who want to have a great experience in a beautiful beach. When coming to this archipelago, you will be able to enjoy snorkeling, diving, or just relaxing your mind and muscles in the panoramic surroundings. There are 3 islands in this archipelagi that you should not miss.

  1. Samalona Island. Located in near KayuBangkoa Jetty, the island is such a seaside heaven where you can enjoy snorkeling in clear seawater. It is surrounded by great ocean which treasures high variety of marine species. You can enjoy white sandy beach with pristine water around the island. Exploring this island will never be an useless expedition.
  2. Lae-Lae Island. Lae-Lae is an island with historical sites where you can find any Japanese War properties. This island reveals a legendary remnant of historical properties. The other activities you can do is diving, snorkeling, and also feeding the fishes.
  3. Kapoposang Island. This is such a heaven where you can see clear crystal water with various marine species in a clean white sandy beach. Kapoposang Island is uninhabited which makes it a perfect destination where you can enjoy the natural beauty. Moreover, this island is known for its highest diverse diving sites among the three others. you can watch the sharks and turtles in this water island.


  • Lake Tanralili

Taken only 2 hours from Makassar, the lake is still unexplored by many people. It is only popular among local hiking, academic, and camping community. This lake also is known as Loe Valley since it is located among the cliffs and steep valleys. This is like a diamond rough. You can come there to enjoy one of the most favorite Makassar sightseeing sites. Enjoy the mountain views and great stone structures. Trekking to reach there is challenging, but it is really worth it once you can catch the beauty of Lake Tanralili. The result after having challenging trek will be paid for.

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