Tips For You When Designing Your Own T Shirt

Make custom t shirt on t shirt Malaysia printing would be a fun thing in itself. A wide selection of t shirts you can choose to be give t shirt print as you wish. The best thing here is that you can create your own t print design. Thus, you can customize the t shirt to fit your style. By combining the t shirts with an attractive style, along with the t shirt print as you wish, wearing a t shirt will definitely feel more comfortable. Moreover, you can customize your own t shirt easily using the design machine that have been provided. Make t shirt as you wish it becomes easier.

When you make your own design baju, some things really need to be given attention. Maybe some people ever feel the design he created looks bad. Sometimes, too, the designs look good. Some people may feel confused with this. Actually, the reason why this happens is precisely because the combination exist in the design. When you order tshirt printing with your own design, you need to pay attention to the combination of overall design so it will look good when be wear. Some of the following suggestions may be able to help you.

  1. Note the choice of color : Color is very influential on the results of your printing baju Especially, about the choice of color combinations applied to the design. The choice of colors with the right combination will make the design look better. But the mistake in choosing the color combination can decrease the value of the final design result.
  2. Note the t shirt style : the choice of t shirt style will be also very influential on the cetak baju design result. In addition, the style itself affects whether you look suitable wearing the t shirt. Therefore, you need to choose a t shirt with a suitable style when you wear.
  3. Note the print size : When you use design machine from printing malaysia to give print in your t shirt, make sure you make the right print size. Adjust the print size with the t shirt style to avoid disharmony on design.
  4. Note the print placement : When you make your print tshirt design, consider with carefully the placement of the print. Make sure the position of the print placement can really improve the look of the t shirt.

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