Perfect Shapes of the Neckline for Your Wedding Dress

Written by Luxury wedding shop in Dubai – Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

When choosing a wedding dress, attention should be paid not only to the length of the skirt, the style and decoration, but also to the décolleté zone. Properly selected neckline will make the image of the bride more elegant and sophisticated.


Basic Rules for Choosing the Perfect Neckline

  1. Wedding ceremony format. A classic wedding with aristocratic features requires a boat décolleté shape, straight décolleté, V-cut décolleté, and some other types. However, a freestyle wedding allows any existing décolleté shape.
  2. Peculiarities of the figure should be taken into account.
  3. Shape of the face. A girl with pronounced cheekbones should choose oval shape of the neckline. The neckline in the shape of the rectangle isn’t recommended.

In addition, to choose shape of the neckline correctly, girls should know existing décolleté forms and compare them with the type of their figure. Let’s talk about this.


Décolleté Forms

  1. Straight neckline is one of the perfect ways to demonstrate the neck, collarbone, shoulders, and arms of the bride. The main feature of this cut is that the open area should be flawless, so that the bride look more beautiful.
  2. Heart-shaped neckline beautifully lifts and opens the bride’s breast. It is suitable for all women regardless of breast size.
  3. V-shaped neckline is one of the sexiest types of neckline. It visually lengthens the bride’s neck.
  4. Lowered shoulders give the bride the sexuality and romanticism.
  5. Boat neckline is suitable for girls with small shoulders. The shape of this cutout is the same both from the front part and from the back.
  6. Sabrina (boat) neckline is perfect for girls with long face. This neckline type visually shortens the face and stretches the neck.
  7. Rectangular neckline fits girls with narrow shoulders. This form will square the bride’s shoulders and emphasize her irresistibility.
  8. American neckline hides the neck and opens the shoulders. It visually reduces the girl’s shoulders, giving her fragility and tenderness.

In addition, the bride can choose non-typical form of the décolleté, for example, asymmetrical form or Queen Anne neckline.


Shape Type and Décolleté Type

  1. Girls with hourglass shaped figure can allow themselves to choose any form of décolleté.
  2. Girls with apple shape body should pay special attention to the décolleté zone. V-shaped décolleté stresses the sexuality best.
  3. Pear shaped figure has small and neat shoulders. Girls with this figure should pay attention to the décolleté in the form of a boat, dresses with deflated shoulders, and dresses with widely spaced straps.
  4. Girls with rectangle figure can emphasize all their advantages with the help of V-shaped neckline, heart-shaped décolleté, and straight décolleté with abundant decor.
  5. Inverted triangle body seems to have been created for American, V-shaped, boat-shaped, and heart-shaped necklines.

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